The measures will be announced by the Minister of Health, Vassilis Kikilias

A tough line against those who haven’t been vaccinated yet is preparing to adopt the Greek government, in view of the new measures that will be announced tomorrow, Tuesday, and are expected to enter into force from September.

Warnings against the unvaccinated

They Government spokesman, Giannis Oikonomou, left open the possibility οf the vaccines becoming mandatory in some additional posts of the Public Sector. He started his announcements by telling that tomorrow, at 12 noon, there will be some new announcements on those who haven’t got their vaccine yet. He stressed out the need for common effort so as to return to normal life, while he warned that those who don’t want to contribute to this national effort, will have to adjust to a new environment from now on. When asked what the new measures will be, he answered that we have to wait until tomorrow for further details.

Tomorrow the announcements – Measures will be implemented at different levels

As Mr. Oikonomou stated, the new measures will be implemented at different levels. Some measures will require the separation of the vaccinated from the unvaccinated ones, while other measures will impose restrictions on the number of people entering a place, depending on its capacity. Moreover, he added that the main object of the Greek government is to convince as many citizens as possible to get their jab, while he concluded that the percentage of the vaccinated ones is 55-56%, while a 65% of the vulnerable ones have got their vaccines, so far.

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