The dialogue of Marinakis and Grammenos and the EPO's president's guilty silence over the Federation's financial scandals.

The big loser of the meeting between the Big 4, of FIFA / UEFA and Lefteris Avgenakis was none other than Vangelis Grammenos. The EPO’s president was marginalized and confronted by everyone.

Grammenos was marginalized by Savvides himself, who left his «own» Federation president unveiled.

But the EPO’s president was also criticized by Vangelis Marinakis. The powerful man of Olympiacos has exposed the financial scandals that have taken place in EPO over the last 3 years.

From his point of view, Grammenos tried to defend his administration and Mr. Marinakis said to him: «What are you saying? You will go to jail for what you have done. »

Grammenos responded that he has not hired as many as Mr. Marinakis has accused him of. But when Mr. Marinakis asked gim to answer how many hirings he actually did, he never got an answer.

Finally, when Vangelis Marinakis asked him to shorten his position, Grammenos replied «I won’t do what you tell me», with Olympiacos’ powerful man answering:

«You’ve been doing anything that Savvidis was telling you for such a long time and now you’ve become sensitive?»

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