Not once but twice the state won the wager of limiting violence in two emblematic cases.

Neither the annual 17 November protest march nor the march in memory of 15-yeaqr-old Alexis Grigoropoulos who was shot dead by a policeman was marred by violent episodes which in previous years turned the centre of Athens into an unguarded city.

The supporters of violence saw this as a defeat and reached the point of threatening that they will turn every neighbourhood of Athens into another Exarcheia.

On the other hand, Greek Police marred its own work and its operational prowess, albeit with isolated actions of certain policemen.

Even more it marred the stance that every society is obliged to have as regards human dignity.

An investigation is consequently necessary at the institutional level and by Independent Authorities. The commitment of the citizen’s protection minister must be met.

Democracy is waging a difficult battle against violence. As opposed to fascistic violence which is accountable to no one and for any of its actions, democracy is tested every day.

One of the most difficult tests is enforcing the law in every direction and punishing lawlessness wherever it may occur.

Our democracy must pass these tests in order to achieve the first great victory in the battle against violence, establishing its moral superiority.

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