It would be wrong for one to believe that the FolliFollie case concerns only the company itself, or its shareholders. It has wider ramifications, because it is a scandal that breeds scandals.

The main wider repercussion is the harm to the country’s investment climate. The economy needs investments. Investors are discouraged, when affairs are revealed that bolster their distrust, and when an investigation of these cases and the assignment of responsibility is an exceptionally slow process. That is precisely why the judiciary should act immediately and not let the case fester.

Any delay casts shadows, and shadows aggravate the existing suspicions about the entire economy. There cannot be a good investment climate without rules, or when those rules are violated and the competent authorities are reluctant to check the violators and restore the rules as soon as possible.

They must restore the image of a country that has often attracted negative attention, and now is struggling to stand on its feet.

For this to happen, the country must defend tooth and nail its credibility. It must do everything possible to remove the shadow cast over its economy.

The FolliFollie affair is such a shadow, and it must be removed swiftly.

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