The Work Permit procedure has been implemented which enables authorized personnel to perform any activity digitally, the company announced

Motor Oil Hellas digitized the refinery’s health and safety procedures, in line with the new Environmental Sustainability and Development Policies.

In this context, according to a relevant announcement, the Work Permit procedure has been implemented, which enables authorized personnel to perform any activity digitally.

This is how the following is achieved: Procedures are made safer with the active involvement of the workforce, so that incidents are identified before potential hazards affect safety, through continuous analysis of operating data and the provision of relevant information in real time. EHS (Environmental Health and Safety) is managed more efficiently and effectively by integrating risk management into day-to-day operations. Business continuity is ensured by protecting the integrity of assets and optimizing production.

“The completion of the Work Permit process is part of Motor Oil Hellas’ broader IT program, which is undergoing the transformation of refinery processes in every sector: Incidents, Control and Risk Management,” the company emphasizes.

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