The stress tests of the systemic Greek banks have entered the final stretch, with the four banks sending the latest data to the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM).

The ball is now in the court of European authorities, which will analyse the economic data with the parameters of both the favourable and adverse scenarios regarding the course of the domestic economy.

The final results are due to be announced within a month.

By the end of April, the management of Greek banks will have a picture of the results of the stress tests, which will be completed officially in early May.

The SSM will issue its conclusions based exclusively on the data sent to it by the banks.

The management of the Greek banks appears optimistic about the results of the stress tests.

They believe that capitalisation is sufficient to cover the adverse scenarios, as the capital adequacy of the four banks ranges between five percent and six percent.

The Hellenic Bank Association’s Board yesterday discussed the ongoing stress tests with the chairman and the CEO of the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund.

The discussions focused on the progress of systemic banks most recently, as regards the improvement of basic financial indices, as well as the handling of major challenges arising from the large volume of non-performing loans.