Not even with a gun against a head. You can not believe what happened in Tumba Stadium. Kominis counted Varela’s goal in the changing rooms (!!!) by writing on the score sheet that the score was 1-0 until the match was brought to a permanent stoppage. PAOK argues that AEK is responsible for the interruption, and AEK argues that Savvidis violent invasion on the pitch.

Where the logic ends, here comes the … Purge. And now may God save as, because nobody knows what will follow after what had happened at Toumba Stadium. A few minutes ago, it was known that PAOK-AEK match was officially interrupted with the scoreboard being at 1-0 for the home team (PAOK), as referee Giorgos Kominis finally allowed Fernando Varela’s offside goal!!! Who is responsible for the interruption?

And all these for a match that was shot in the air by Varela’s goal-offside! A goal that Kominis had cancelled and made Ivan Savvidis to enter the field with a gun at his belt, forcing the game to be interrupted! Kominis retired to the locker rooms along with the two teams and after two hours it was known that the match was officially interrupted. PAOK and AEK have both been informed that Kominis decided that the scoreboards stands at 1-0 at the time of the interruption. PAOK claim that AEK did not come out to play despite the fact that referee Kominis demanded it. AEK establish the violent invasion of Ivan Savvidis in the field as the only reason of game’s interruption!

The officials of AEK refuse that and point out that Kominis decided at the locker rooms to allow Varela’s goal, but interrupted the match due to the violent invasion of Ivan Savvidis in the field!

Unbelievable things, for second consecutive derby at Toumba Stadium in the so-called by some people «best championship of the last 20 years»!

Referees decide at the locker rooms after a two-hour delay to count goals that have been previously canceled, Savvidis invades the field with his hand at a gun, but eventually PAOK is the winner of this decisive clash!