Greek police this morning raided a series of buildings where anti-authority groups have been carrying out anti-authority sit-ins.

The first was a sit-in which the occupiers had named Gare, on Kallidromiou Street in Athens’ Exarheia neighbourhood. The second building occupation, in the same area, was on Zaimi Street.

A third raid was conducted at an occupied building in Koukaki, on Matrozou Street.

Ten arrests have been made by police so far, police sources have said.
The operation comes straight on the heels of the rooting out of the extreme right group Cobra 18, indicating a simultaneous crackdown on both extreme-right and extreme-left groups.

The raid at the Gare occupation was carried out at 6:15am. There had been a previous, unsuccessful raid at the same venue on 26 November.

The Zaimi Street occupation was completed earlier.

Athens’ main anti-authority web page featured a post today stating that the occupiers were participating in the “Pan-Balkan Internationalist-Anti-fascist protest that was staged to show solidarity with the Libertatia occupation, in the northern port city of Thessaloniki, on 10 March.