The fate of two Greek army officers who were captured by Turkish forces after they mistakenly crossed the border into Turkey will be decided at the courthouse of the city of Edirne.

The two officers were remanded in custody and will face the charge of illegal entry into a military zone.

The lawyers for the two officers filed an objection to their preliminary incarceration, and that was expected to be reviewed by the court within the day.

However, as it turns out, there has been a postponement of today’s trial, and the petition may be judged later in the week.

The Greek government, and especially the defence ministry, is monitoring the situation, hoping that the officers might be released immediately, after they are handed down a suspended sentence for illegal entry into a forbidden zone.

The bad scenario is a change in the charges today or before the trial date, with the addition of military espionage, which certain government-friendly Turkish media have reported may occur.

The Turkish media has noted that the two Greek officers have been placed in a top security prison, the same one in which the former head of the pro-Kurdish HDP party Selahattin Demirtas is serving time.

The parents of the two officers (photo above) went to Edirne and were in court today. They received permission to visit with their sons.