The Athens Stock Exchange today opened with a weak upward trend.

The General Price index at 11am stood at 814.77 points, a small 0.21 percent increase.

The value of trade was 2.52 million euros.

The large cap index noted a 0.41 percent rise, while the mid-cap index rose by 0.19 percent.

Of the high cap stocks, the biggest gains were noted by Sarantis (+1.54 percent at 14.5 euros), Eurobank (+1.54 percent at 0.7920 euros), OLP (Piraeus Port Authority, +1.20 percent at 16.800 euros) and DEH Public Power Corporation (+1.03 percent at 2.758 euros).

The greatest losses were marked in the stock of Motor Oil (-0.95 percent, at 18.780 euros, ADMHE Independent Power Transmission Operator (-0.52 percent, at 1.900 euros, and Titan (-046 percent, at 21.100 euros).

The banks index had the biggest rise (+0.80 percent, followed by Personal Products (+0.70 percent).

The biggest drops were in the Health index (-1.119 percent) and Petrol products (-0.42 percent).

Thirty–five stocks were moving upward, 20 downward, and 15 remained stable.