The general secretary of the Union of Greek Police Special Guards, Stratos Mavroidakos, has sharply criticised Civil Protection Minister Nikos Toskas over the wave of violent attacks by vigilante groups.

Toskas had earlier called police to account for not responding effectively to such incidents.

Mavroidikaos said that if such incidents mount further, “that could lead to the death of a colleague or citizens”.

Responding to Toskas’ criticism, Mavroidakos said that “the only thing certain is that the low-ranking policeman will pay the piper in the end”.

“The state has not recognised our work,” he added.

“It is a shame that the minister is losing his composure. In a little while, it will be a news item if there is no attack on a police formation,” the police unionist said.

Mavroidakis also blamed the government’s decision to abolish the rapid action motorcycle force called Group Delta.

He charged that when police have arrested members of the anti-authority group Rouvikona – which barges into ministries, hospitals, embassies and other public places to throw fliers and paint or to threaten – the police are criticised by their superiors and no charges are filed against those arrested for unlawful acts.