The Hellenic Independent Schools Association has come out in opposition of a ban on school trips abroad imposed by Education Minister Kostas Gavroglu.

The ban was imposed reportedly to establish a leveling equality, as the ministry found it unfair for only students whose parents could afford it to travel abroad on school trips.

“When you restrict the right of students to visit foreign places, the historian’s mind will recall the ancient Spartan tradition of xenilasia, which forbade foreigners from entering Sparta and Spartans from traveling abroad [so as not to spoil their virtue],” the president of the association, Charalampos Kyrailidis told

“My first observation is that whatever you sow in Greek schools, you reap in society in the future. In a free, open, and democratic system, restrictions are few,” Kyrailidis said. “In an establishmentarian and ideologically obsessed state, experience has shown there are many restrictions.

The Hellenic Independent Schools Association President says that if children are not to become racists, “we must help them to travel become acquainted with other cultures”.

With this ban, Kyrailidis said, we trap ourselves in the miserable reality of Greece and deprive tomorrow’s citizens of cultural stimuli.