The health ministry will intensify checks on the implementation of anti-smoking laws as well as on the enforcement of other public health regulations during the holiday season.

According to a directive from Yannis Baskozos, the general secretary for public health, the heightened checks will be performed at all businesses serving food and beverages, events halls, recreational enterprises, commercial trucks, and at temporary street or interior stands selling seasonal products.

Τhere will also be more intense checks at poultry farming plants to identify possible health issues, as well as at tourist facilities, and units that prepare food products that are susceptible to spoilage.

“These public health checks will be conducted with the utmost care and strictness and will regard enforcement of public health regulations. They will be conducted in a spirit of cooperation with business owners, but also with full implementation of regulations,” Baskozos wrote in an encyclical to inspectors.

Baskozos called on regional prefects to offer all necessary assistance to public health inspectors by relieving them of other duties, providing vehicles and covering transport expenses for visits to venues, and also by paying their overtime wages.