There has been huge traffic in the last hours on a government webpage on which citizens who qualify for the government’s social welfare handout are applying.

By midday today, a whopping 300,000 citizens had applied, and 142,000 applications have already been approved, according to the general secretary for social welfare of the labour ministry, Dimitris Karellas.

The website,, opened on Sunday night, and the application deadline is 12 December.

According to government calculations, the so-called “social dividend” will be credited to the accounts of 3.4 million beneficiaries before Christmas.

The stipend will range from 250 to 1,350 euros, based on criteria such as the number of children in a family.

Applicants can use their tax bureau (taxisnet) online codes to register and apply for the sum to which they are entitled.

Karellas says about 20 percent of the applications have been rejected because the applicants did not meet the criteria.

Also, errors in filling out the application, such as an incorrect AMKA social insurance number, will put it on hold. If information is to be corrected, then the initial application will be canceled and a new one submitted.

Criteria include whether one is already receiving a social welfare benefit that establishes their need, and the maximum value of property holdings.

Applicants must include a bank account IBAN number for the wire transfer of the benefit, and an email and telephone contact for possible notifications.