The prospects are improving. The indices show a renewal of economic activity,” Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras told his parliamentary group yesterday.

Tsipras painted an optimistic picture of the most recent developments in the economy, including a 2.4 percentage point drop in unemployment in July, and underlined that no new burdensome fiscal measures will be adopted in the context of the third bailout programme evaluation.

Noting statements of confidence in the Greek economy from abroad, Tsipras said the third evaluation is proceeding smoothly and that once it is complete, a discussion of the viability of the Greek debt will begin immediately with creditors.

“The third evaluation will close without additional measures. Moreover, employees will now have first priority in receiving severance pay from bankrupt businesses. The journalists’ fund will be saved from closure and expanded. There is agreement on widowers’ pensions and another on a debt repayment scheme for 20,000-50,000 freelance professionals,” the PM said.

“The completion of the [fiscal adjustment] programme and the return to growth is now in sight. Freeing up the economy, change, growth, and the left-wing social agenda cannot wait until the end of the memorandum. Tomorrow is here already,” Tsipras said.

“The positive image of Greece that has emerged regarding the course of the adjustment programme and the government’s work overall has triggered a far-right panic in Mr. Mitsotakis’ New Democracy party,” Tsipras said, alluding to ND’s law and order agenda